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Wine Cabinet

Custom Furniture Wine Cabinet FrontThe design concept for the wine cabinet is an entrance to a wine estate that has a large ornate wrought iron gate (doors) and fence (sides) with a grape vine growing over it.

This vision was inspired by the many majestic wine estates in the Cape region of South Africa, an area that was settled by the French Huguenots in the late 1600s. They brought several grape varieties with them to this beautiful mountainous region and began what is now a world renowned wine industry.

The inside surfaces of the doors are also decorated: one has a bread, cheese and wine theme, and the other, a fruit and wine theme. The inside of the cabinet has a wine rack for 18 bottles and a rack to hang 18 wine glasses. The top drawer is used to store other wine accessories. The top of the wine cabinet is Canadian Green granite.

The dimensions are approximately 32 inches wide at the front and 36 inches at the back. The height is 36 inches, and the depth is 16 inches in the middle and about an inch shallower at the sides.

The wine cabinet is constructed entirely out of mahogany except for the various types of decorative veneer. The two doors are laminated using 7 layers of 1/16 inch mahogany veneer and then covered on both sides with decorative veneering. The sides and bottom are laminated using 5 layers of 1/16 mahogany veneer and the outside surface is covered with decorative veneer.

To construct the laminated curved surfaces, solid molds were made from 3/4 inch MDF on a shaper. These were then glued together to form the mold with the correct shape and size. The various layers of veneer were glued together, placed on the mold, and then inserted into a vacuum press.

The four corner pillars are solid mahogany covered with a layer of decorative veneer. The joints between the pillars and horizontal members are mortise and tenon. The outer surfaces of the four pillars are curved to follow the contour of the sides. The side and bottom panels are floating in grooves cut into the pillars and horizontal members in order to accommodate expansion and contraction as humidity changes.

The wine cabinet is finished with 10 layers of clear shellac applied using an HVLP spray gun.

Custom Furniture Wine Cabinet

Winner of the prestigious Marc Adams School of Woodworking 2004 professional competition. The competition was judged by Fine Woodworking Magazine, General Machinery, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Norton Abrasives, ONEWAY Manufacturing, and Bosch Power Tools, all leaders in the field of woodworking.

Received an Honorable Mention award in the annual Custom Woodworking Business magazine “2005 Design Portfolio Awards” competition. The cabinet is featured in the December 2004 issue of CWB magazine.

Featured in Woodwork magazine gallery special issue #100, August 2006

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